What's Old is New - New to Shop Estate Jewelry

What's Old is New - New to Shop Estate Jewelry

turquoise, lapis lazuli, and sterling vintage jewelry onyx & sterling estate jewelry pieces coming soon!
semiprecious stones and sterling silver pieces of vintage jewelry

One of my favorite things to hunt for at antique shops and flea markets is for myself is estate jewelry, and this year I’m expanding into that for the shop.

Some of the things I look for in vintage or estate jewelry are the same as new – semiprecious stones and marked metals like sterling or gold, but also unique shapes and details.

Costume jewelry is a common way of referencing some vintage pieces without precious stones, but don’t let the phrase costume fool you some of these pieces are sophisticated and special like murano blown glass or millefiori beads. Sterling pieces with semi-precious stones are easy to wear daily pieces and perfect for the modern lifestyle of casual and ready to wear. The perception of costume jewelry as sparkly glass crystals is quite an outdated one, although we’ll have some beautiful crystal pieces coming up as well!

So far I focused mainly on bracelets and earrings because I was able to score a few large collections from estate sales, but I’ll also be looking for pendants and necklaces, pins in the future. I think rings are a bit harder since they will be sized, and so far I have avoided buying them but will always make the exception for something unique and special.

Condition of stones is a major thing I look for. I have a few pieces with flaws that I am holding back for repairs and possibly flash sales on our insta. If you’re not already a follower you’ll find me posting snippets of my own home and garden as well as upcoming pieces for the shop: HomeSpice Instagram

If you have something particular you’ve been on the hunt for I’d love to hear, and who knows maybe I’ll come across one and be able to make a vintage love connection for you! Welcome to the new site, and I hope you’ll stay tuned for all the new additions!

If you’re shopping for estate jewelry make sure to take a look at our collection of vintage jewelry boxes, ring/trinket dishes, and other unique ways of storing your jewelry: Shop Jewelry Boxes 

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