The Art of Cloisonne – Enameled Brass Beauties

The Art of Cloisonne – Enameled Brass Beauties


Cloisonné is art of applying colored glass to a surface, in this case brass. The colors are separated by a fine brass filigree, and this particular piece features some beautiful blending/gradients of the enamel within flowers and leaves. The art is even more impressive in smaller pieces bc of the precision it takes to make the design on a smaller scale.

Miniature enameled brass cloisonné watering can with delicate details on the spout, handle, & lid. One of my favorite examples of cloisonné that I’ve had in shop. A fine Japanese cloisonné with ginbari foil, a textured/patterned foil underneath the tinted/transparent enamel with opaque floral enamelwork in some sections
large cloisonné bangle with precise color placement of enamel to form a geometric pattern. It takes so much precision and accuracy to make something like this


Cloisonné bracelets like these are unique in that the floral design was continued on the interior of the bracelet, while others have just brass or solid enamel. A beautiful cloisonné bell with solid enamel blue interior, solid exterior colors have brass scrollwork throughout and this piece has lovely example of enamel gradient in flower petals.
A set of cloisonné bangles, some enamel is a solid opaque color while other enamel has reflective particles in a semi-transparent color so they shimmer like these.

A Selection of Cloisonné Items currently in the shop

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