Craft & Function - The Art of Basketry

Craft & Function - The Art of Basketry



willow is a fast growing tree/shrub that can be coppiced or cut to produce many smaller branches and has been used in basketry around the world some of the most complex baskets are made with wood strips and feature rigid carved or bentwood handles. this is a beautiful example of american basketry often woven using strips of ash.
 branches are a fundamental basket material, varying in pliability they can be woven or lashed together to form baskets
in parts of the world where bamboo is plentiful bamboo is the defacto material used for baskets rope can also be a material woven into soft baskets or around other materials for structure similar to rope soft grass or even pine needles are a common basket material resulting in softer more flexible baskets



Some of the display forms of baskets are both functional and beautiful, just look at these examples of basketry in vases, bowls, dishes


Plates, bowls, trays were functional uses for basketry and are tied to the region or area the particular type of basketry came from. 

Carrying & Storage

Gathering baskets or baskets with handles were meant to transport. Picnic baskets are a variation on this use with lid. Whether to be carried by hand, lifted, the handles often signal the use. Meanwhile baskets with lids would be made for items that needed storing while in a home, closet, or pantry


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